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February 2, 2015

Team Accountability: Harsh or Helpful?

Every turn of the calendar people make New Year’s resolutions. Every election politicians say that the government leaders need to be held accountable. And every year organizations tell their leaders, “We need to hold our people to their words and actions.” Yet—just like New Year’s resolutions—these scenarios for accountability fall drastically short, as the mirror of accountability is often blurry with ego. This means that as leaders we see ourselves as actually holding our people accountable and feel that it’s the others that are failing or not following through. Many leaders have a case of accountability myopia—they see themselves as […]
December 10, 2014

Don’t Be That Guy or That Girl!

You can enjoy the party without being the party. Have you had your company ‘Holiday’ party yet? It is that time of year for company parties and year-end sales events. Events that leaders spend lots of money and time planning with the intent to show their employees how much they appreciate their hard work as well as recognize their top performers. Festivities aside, you can bet your bottom dollar many of them will ask that famous question the next morning, “Hey did you see that guy or girl last night at the company event?” That question can have many answers […]
December 4, 2014

Don’t Confuse Loyalty with Tenure

I was meeting with a client recently and we were speaking about coaching and the necessity of accountability in a coaching culture. I asked him about his field management staff and he was going region by region sharing with me which manager was good and bad and who had what results. He started telling me about these 3 managers he had in one market, and that their numbers were off and he felt it was because they were not getting out in the field with their teams and might even be a little complacent. I asked him if he had […]
December 2, 2014

5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination (and tackle this busy time of year) It is that time of year- when your already busy life gets even busier. We almost feel like we don’t have time to breathe. Work tasks pile up. Travel plans kick up a notch. Holiday shopping lists grow. To-do lists get longer. It seems ridiculously overwhelming- and it is. Here are a few tips to help overcome the stress of OVERLOAD: Get Up Earlier: This may require you to go to bed earlier too as you still need your 6-8 hours of sleep- minimum. However, we are more […]
November 17, 2014

Nathan Jamail Holiday Promotion!

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult, but with Nathan Jamail’s best selling books- we have the perfect business gift!  Create a whole gift set with workbooks, CD’s and more!  These make great gifts for; Bosses, managers and leaders Gift exchanges Entire team members Office staff Mentors Business friends and acquaintances Anyone that wants to improve their game!
October 28, 2014

The Most Desired Skills of the Future

“Three Practices to Communicate, Engage and Influence People” By Nathan Jamail How many parents have a toddler that can work an iPhone or iPad better than they can? What about the parents of teenage kids or young adults that cannot communicate except through texting, email or social media? With technology constantly evolving, technical skills and know-how will be the most common skills among the working and business public—but the ability to communicate face to face will always be one of the most important aspects of business. While younger generations preparing to enter the workforce should keep up with technology to […]
April 22, 2014

Fire The Bad Attitude

Leaders across the world would say, “that a person having a positive attitude is very important”, in fact when asked many would say the most important, so why do so many leaders accept less than great positive attitudes from their employees?  Some reasons include; too hard; it is because of HR or legal and a “positive attitude” is just too subjective and would require a lot of documentation on the leaders part,  OR too afraid; leader’s are ‘nice’ and really doesn’t like conflict, OR too risky; it seems the employee knows their job very well and has a lot of […]
April 3, 2014

Go Big or Go Home

One of my favorite sayings is to “Go big or go home”.  I believe in this 100%.  The cliched saying that you won’t regret the things you tried on your deathbed, only the things you didn’t is also true. I found a great article/video online that I found very inspiring- and hope that you do too.  One of the things that stuck with me most was, “Why not be confident?  What is the alternative?  To be meek and scared?  That is no way to live”. True that! Click the button below to watch the video.
March 25, 2014

Successful People vs Unsuccessful People

While reviewing some information this morning, I came upon an interesting picture.  Take a look at the image to the right and spend a few minutes thinking about it: What stands out to you? Several things call out to me. “Want others to succeed” is a big one for me. If a leaders entire approach is self centered (how will this affect my promotion, what is in it for me, how can I get more recognition), then the short term gains will never outlast the long term losses in respect, performance and attainment. Another big one is “Accept responsibility for […]
March 20, 2014

The importance of practice

In business we love to use sport cliché’s (at least I do) and talk about winning as well as use the term coaching versus managing, but are we just talking or are we walking the walk? For example I was just with a client conducting a workshop and one of the managers stated, “I hire athletes”, I asked him why and he said, “Because they are competitors and they understand the development of skills.”  Great perspective but unfortunately what makes athletes great athletes is having great coaches making them better by demanding they practice every day and spend time focusing […]

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